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Pigeon Revolt to Terrorize Loft



    Between the music, costumes and light sabers, the Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! show at the Loft tonight should be a fun show.

    Leave it to David Byrne to find a band like Terror Pigeon. No, seriously, leave it to him. If you know anything about the former Talking Heads frontman, you'll know that anything he likes (or signs to his label, Luaka Bop) is required to be awesome, and it seems that the New York-based indie pop band Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! is just that.

    The band formed in 2007 as a means for frontman Neil Fridd to "yell about his romantic mishaps." On the off-chance you're curious, the band's name comes from what Fridd describes as the "idea of a really harmless, fragile creature being terrifying as sort of a mockery of myself."

    Tuesday's show promises to be unforgettable. Says Fridd: "Basically we show up with a billion lights, bags and bags of costumes [enough for anyone who wants one], 60 or more light sabers ... and say, 'Look, this is your time ... all these things are at your disposal.'"

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    Beware, though. You'll be expected to lose all inhibitions and maybe even "finally kiss that person you’ve been crushing on for months." So either arrive prepared, or ... drunk.

    The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!'s debut album, I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU AND I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY! HAVE THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!! will be released in May. Maybe if you shout the title -- as I believe it's supposed to be spoken -- they'll let you buy a copy early.

    T. Loper is a writer for the San Diego music blog Owl and Bear.