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PB&J Want You to Dig In



    Everyone's favorite Swedish musical sandwich: PB&J, better known as Peter Bjorn and John, are coming through the Belly Up on their All You Can Eat tour on Friday (the show is sold out).

    The tour name is more than just a clever play on words. In selected cities, the band will be giving away chances to grab free meals at some of the best food trucks across the country. According to the organizers, San Diego is just catching up with the food-truck craze, so we're not included (some would disagree with this assessment). But if you happen to catch them at their L.A. or San Francisco dates, you can follow Eater.com to find out about the free grub. 

    Their latest record, Gimme Some, makes every attempt to follow up their wildly popular single "Young Folks." The track "Second Chance" might elude those kinds of growing pains: "You can't can't count on the second try/The second try is such a comedown." Yet not all is lost -- they're still endearing as ever, with claps, cowbells and catchy choruses. Even the album artwork suggests a hopeful three thumbs up. The group describes the album as pop & roll, with a return to the guitar, bass and drums to capture that live sound. 


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    The universal hit "Young Folks" seems to have propelled Peter Bjorn and John through their experimental phase and back -- and whether they like it or not, it's still the most memorable thing about PB&J. The direction that Gimme Some is taking the band in, however, may prove that there's more than sugary sweetness to the band, as is evident in "Dig a Little Deeper." The track is more than just catchy hooks -- just listent to the band sing: "I defy definition/ Of what's supposed to be."


    Hopefully you'll be one of the lucky few who can can dig in at the Belly Up on Friday. 

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