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    Happy New Year! I don’t know about you but I’ve put on a few pounds over the past month. It happens to a lot of us over the holidays. Now, I’m not one to normally make a list of New Year's resolutions. I believe in living each day with goals and intentions, not having the time of year determine how to live my life. That being said, dancing is a great way to burn off calories and every little bit helps when you are trying to get rid of that extra weight. Here are some of the DJ events happening this weekend starting with Thursday night.

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    You can check out producer/DJ/remixer DallasK from Orlando, Fla., at Voyeur. Dallas Koehlke started producing dance music when he was only 15 years old. Now 20 and working under the name DallasK, he is quickly becoming one of the most-talked-about young electro house DJs of today. The M Machine and Erick Diaz will do opening honors, so get there early. RSVP here to get on the no-cover-before-10:30 p.m. list. Another fun party on Thursday is Le Spank at the Office, with Mark E. Quark, Jon Dadon and Boys Don’t Disco. Get more info about this free event.
    I also recommend Voyeur Friday night to see the legendary Christopher Lawrence. He's been DJing for 17 years and is still going strong. With his own label as an outlet for his production as well as up-and-coming producers, he moves forward at full speed while still having time for his syndicated dance radio show, Rush Hour, which he’s been doing for four years. Victor Dinaire will open the night; for more details, go to this link. Also, Feel the Noise happens every Friday at U-31. Join Erick Diaz, Blancnoire and resident DJ Gabe Vega for North Park’s longest-running indie dance party. It’s free before 11 p.m. with your RSVP.
    Saturday night, I’ll be hosting the monthly event at the Kava Lounge known as Club Ascension. DJs Dark Angel and ChadO will join me in spinning the best in dark underground dance music. Plus, Ms Formaldehyde will be showcasing her wares, and we’ll be giving away promo items for the new movie The Devil Inside. Get more details here. Other Saturday night shenanigans include Congorock and Brazzabelle at Voyeur, BrokenBeat at Kadan and Maystar’s Fashion Whore at the Ruby Room.
    Check out more Thursday through Saturday events via my blog. Here’s to 2012. and I’ll see you breaking a sweat on the dance floor this weekend!

     Robin Roth is a familiar voice in the San Diego scene.  She is on the air weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on 91X, plus she promotes and spins all over town. For more info about upcoming gigs, check out her event blog. Follow Robin on Twitter @robin_roth or submit your DJ listings here.