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    Founded by Conor Lastowka, Wynn Walent and Sam Miotke at the University of Virginia, National High Five Day has been celebrated on the third Thursday of April since 2002.  Recognized in two documentaries and on the Today Show, the annual high-five celebration, scheduled this year for April 15, is "a day for high-fiving everyone and anyone you encounter, to disregard stereotypes and social boundaries, and to share with someone a moment of togetherness before continuing along in your daily routine. The idea is simple: On the street, in the office, in the ballpark, on the train, extend your hand and offer strangers, friends, and foes a high-five."

    In preparation for the big day, National High Five Day founder Conor Lastowka has joined hands with San Diego-based Intense Individuals Productions, to release an official National High Five Day video. 

    In regards to the video, Lastowka released the following statement: "I knew we needed a message that would reach the masses. And whether it's sneezing pandas or a British baby biting his brother, the masses love Internet videos. If our video gets 1/1000th the views of '3-year-old crying over Justin Bieber,' we'll consider it a success.

    The music video, filmed and edited in San Diego, features local musicans Greg Gibson and Kevin Mankins, and stars Jimmy Donahue and Steve Bossi.