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Mitchy Slick Won't Stop Meeting Fans



    Mitchy Slick, San Diego's biggest name in rap, may not visit here often (this CityBeat profile explains why). But this week, he won't just be visiting -- he'll be meeting a bunch of fans.

    This Tuesday at 5 p.m., cruise on through to the Access Hip-Hop shop in Pacific Beach for a meet-and-greet with Mitch. After taking an eight-year hiatus from releasing solo projects, he's got plans for three albums this year. At the end of April, he dropped Feet Match the Paint, with Bay Area producer DJ Fresh behind the boards. This month, he's dropped his next album, Won't Stop. The meet-and-greet event is celebrating this latest release.

    Originally titled Won't Stop Being a Blood, Mitch shortened the title to be more "politically correct." Despite the title change, the music itself seems to fall right in line with the original title and with Mitch's older, vintage music. Whereas Feet Match the Paint balanced his hip-hop and gangsta-rap sensibilities, Won't Stop is the pure, uncut gangsta rap on which Mitch built his reputation.

    "That's for the active," Mitch said. "The album is put together to where, you know, it's just a record for the homies. That's not Mitch being artsy or trying to be innovative. No, that's Mitch going in."

    Mitch even joked that "it's gonna be a big hit behind the walls in jail."

    I haven't heard Won't Stop yet myself. But if Feet Match the Paint is any indication of where Mitch is at now, I'm sure I won't be disappointed. Be sure to come through on Tuesday, meet the man and pick up the album while you're at it.

    Quan Vu is the founder and editor of local music blog He has also written about local and national hip-hop acts for San Diego CityBeat and the San Diego Reader. You can nerd out on rap trivia by becoming BFF's on Facebook or e-mailing him directly.