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Lightning Strikes In Temecula



    The Do LaB is often referred to as a family, and with good reason: Not only is the Los Angeles-based production company run by brothers Dede, Josh and Jesse Flemming, the siblings place an unwavering importance on creating a tightly knit community around all of their functions.

    This is especially true at their signature event, Lightning in a Bottle, the four-day arts and music festival that will take over Lake Skinner in Temecula starting Thursday.
    Now in its seventh year, Lightning in a Bottle is anything but a typical fest. While Coachella attendees have become accustomed, after a decade, to the Do LaB’s annual presence in Indio, live music is just one of many features at Lightning in a Bottle.
    “By no means did we start this thing calling it a music festival,” Dede said recently from his Los Angeles home. “We made it a point to call it arts and music, always keeping the arts in front because we spend so much time and energy creating an interactive aesthetic base for the festival’s environment. The music is a big feature, but it’s certainly not the only thing.”
    Alongside dozens of electronic musicians and DJs, Lightning in a Bottle features an extensive array of nonmusical choices, including a who’s who lineup of yogis, as well as guest speakers, eclectic workshops and on-site classes.
    “We have something called the Temple of Consciousness,” Dede said. “That’s where a lot of the yoga, speakers and workshops are featured. It’s much more of a holistic lifestyle environment there, and a lot of people never leave the area. Some never even make it to see the stage musicians. And I think that’s great -- it just goes to show that a lot of people are in it for these other elements we’re putting in front of them. They’re not coming just for a party.”
    Of course, those looking to party won’t have to look far.
    From Nicolas Jaar and Miguel Migs to Purity Ring and Rusko, the main stages will feature musicians and DJs from all over the globe playing from early afternoon until midnight. Night owls can keep it going at the festival’s Lumi Lounge, where, depending on the day, live music will continue until 2 or 5 a.m.
    Dede and his brothers have also added a lot of nonmusical attractions this year. In addition to more room for yoga, the Learning Kitchen features workshops that range from sustainability to raw foods and juicing. There also will be a hands-on area called the Village where attendees can bolster their spirituality as well as practice primitive skills. 
    The biggest change for the festival, of course, is the venue. The 2013 edition is the first to be held at Lake Skinner.
    “It was unfortunate that we had to move from Oak Canyon Park,” Flemming said. “But we outgrew it. And I feel like we fell upward. You never want to be in a position where you compromise the integrity of the event, and with Lake Skinner, we didn’t have to. It’s bigger and better in every way. Bigger lake, more trees and more grass this year. We’re thrilled.”
    With Lightning in a Bottle, the Do LaB is attempting to break the traditional festival mode a little more each year. It all starts with the basic game plan that’s been there from the beginning.      
    “There are a couple of approaches to putting on a festival,” Dede said. “We don’t really care about bringing in all kinds of big bands and making a bunch of money. That’s not what we do. More than anything, we just want to create a connected community and a positive vibe.” 
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