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Jon Secada's Coffee Cup



    The following dispatch was sent out last week by David Moye, who, in his capacity as a media relations manager for Alternative Strategies, chaperoned Grammy-winning artist Jon Secada recently when he was in town for a show at Anthology. -- Ed.

    I hope you're doing well. I am doing great. Thanks for asking (I actually don't know if you asked, but I am assuming you're quite adept at the social graces). So, I need your advice: What would you do with crush Starbucks paper cup that is chock full of Jon Secada's DNA?

    Here's the back story: As you know from my constant promoting, Jon Secada played here earlier this month. I booked him on two TV stations and ended up being the guy who made sure he got to where he needed to go. After the first segment (thank you, NBCSanDiego!), I took Jon to Starbucks and bought him a grande mocha and a banana using the cards I was given for my birthday.

    I was happy to do it. Gifts are best when they are shared with others.

    We then drove to KUSI, and we chatted about singing and singers. He had some interesting things to say about Frank Sinatra and his ability to stay on time with the band and how Perry Como was underrated (here! here! [sic])

    I tried not to pump him for too much information because it was early and I wanted him to be performance-ready. We had a great time (I hope!) and even though I'm a terrible driver, I rose to the occasion and managed to follow most of the rules of the road in order to safely transport him. Then I dropped him back at his hotel.

    So last week, I was cleaning my car and discovered Jon had left his chocolate-smeared coffee cup in the passenger side door of my car.

    This crushed cup is still there with a chocolate stain around the rim. I don't want to remove it until I do the proper forensic analysis.

    So I am asking you, being a respected member of the media: What would you do with Jon Secada's leftover coffee cup?

    • Should I put it on eBay?
    • Should I get a cloning expert to see if they can make another Jon Secada from it?
    • Should I put on rubber gloves and dispose of it properly (the least interesting option)?
    • Or do you have something else in mind?

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