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Horning in on the Vuvuzela



    Last week, while hosting Musicpalooza at the San Diego County Fair, a young woman passed by holding a vuvuzela. 

    Annoyed by the plastic blowing horn that propels a loud, monotone, B-flat blast during the World Cup, I asked if she purchased it at the fair. She enthusiastically replied "no," stating that she brought it back from South Africa, where she attended the "soccer matches."

    I asked if she would blow the vuvuzela, and without hesitation, the fair denizen raised it to her lips and produced the familiar, deafening sound with varying intensity and frequency. Immediately, I wanted to throw the vuvuzela in a nearby fryer or blender at the fair.

    Beating -- or blending me -- to the punch, Blendtec's Tom Dickson with his latest installment of "Will it Blend?: The Vuvuzela," and, I'm happy to report, the answer is yes, Yes, YES!

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    (Published Wednesday, July 7, 2010)