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Have Your Fill of 'Left Overs' From Mr. Brady



    Mr. Brady continues his campaign to become the most prolific rapper ever in the history of the world. Left Overs Vol. 3 is the third installment in his "random collaboration tracks that don't have a home" series. You'll find some one-off work he's done with different artists including L.A. rappers Shawn Jackson and Coss, up-and-coming talent Chuuwee, Pharcyde's Bootie Brown, and more. What's curious is the large number of tracks with Moka Only of Swollen Members fame. It makes me wonder if a collaboration project between the two--together known as Mr. Mista--will actually come out or if it's just being scrapped altogether and released on this compilation.

    Brady essentially has two types of beats: soulful joints and nose-curling, stank funk bangers. I prefer the latter so my top picks from this comp are "Pocketful", "Bang Ya Head", "Step", and "Rap Rap". I was hoping the songs from Brady and Kas One as The Fungus Brothers (rap name of the year?) would be stankier but they're more of the soul variety. You can stream and purchase the music for yourself by going to Mr. Brady's Bandcamp page here.

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