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GetGlue'd to SoundDiego

SoundDiego is now on entertainment social media network GetGlue. Like us!



    SoundDiego can now be found on the entertainment social network GetGlue.

    Our music platform has joined the likes of popular series’ from HBO, AMC, Showtime, FOX, Disney and many others to use GetGlue to bring our fans together. By “liking” SoundDiego on GetGlue, you can share your thoughts on the show with a community of other SoundDiego fans.

    Click here to LIKE SoundDiego on GetGlue!

    Similar to Foursquare, GetGlue is the check-in destination for all things entertainment, enabling users to check in and share what they’re watching, listening to and reading. GetGlue also gives tailored recommendations based on what’s entertaining you at the moment. So if you’re watching SoundDiego after Saturday Night Live, you can “check in” to say you’re watching the show and leave comments and start conversations related to SoundDiego. Conversations can be held among friends or strangers who share your mutual interest in SoundDiego, and GetGlue makes sure to keep the conversation relevant and interesting with a function it calls “interesting conversations.”

    “We’ve grown huge over the past two years, and with so much check-in activity, social networking can get noisy,”  said Kimber Myers, senior director of partnerships for GetGlue. " 'Interesting conversations’ is a function that filters conversation, so you’ll see what your friends say first and then see the best of what other fans have to say -- so you won’t be seeing a lot of comments that just say ‘LOL’.”

    For some, the point of checking in on GetGlue! is to earn what are called “stickers," which are stickers are shown on your profile to illustrate for other users what accolades you’ve earned from your check-ins on various songs, movies and TV shows. You can unlock certain stickers for set amount of times you’ve checked in, and they will then be seen on your profile. Other users can see that you’ve earned certain stickers (so definitely keep those guilty pleasures to a minimum if you don’t want anyone to see how big of a fan of Gossip Girl you really are).

    These digital stickers can be turned into real stickers; once a month, you can request 20 real versions of the stickers you earn online. Think of how great your laptop would look covered in SoundDiego stickers. It’s a surefire way to indulge your inner child, the one who endured that painful shot at the doctor's office just for the sweet reward of a sticker at the end of your visit.

    Here at SoundDiego, we’re excited to see what you all have to say and connect with you in this new-to-us-too social medium. Now go get some stickers!