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GRRRLs Just Want To Have Fun In Tijuana

GRRRL Nite celebrates its first anniversary – a party concept featuring a goldmine of underground lady DJs from Tijuana and San Diego.



    I'm calling all the chic superwoman tastemakers in indie music down to Tijuana's Moustache Bar for the one-year anniversary of GRRRL Nite. The party concept started in 2012 by Pek Pek (female DJ duo of Tijuana) and Marty Preciado (co-founder of AMF) as the ultimate hipster spot for ladies to dance and network sans the usual club drama and thirsty men. Because the GRRRLs have command of the wheels of steel, you'll hear girl favorites from Sonic Youth to Salt-n-Pepa to Aaliyah.

    Preciado will also be DJing. 

    “Bottom line, GRRRL Nite is a space of women empowerment – a space to meet with other females and embrace the beauty of sisterhood through a common ground: music,” Preciado said.

    I know what you're thinking, it's a Waiting to Exhale party. Nope. Not at all. Cool guys will be in the house, partying along with the ladies. At GRRRL Nite, women make the conscious effort of featuring female underground DJs from Tijuana and San Diego in a safe, fun environment for like-minded folks to meet up – an idea definitely worth applauding.

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    Along with Pek Pek and Preciado, Abril J (owner of Tijuana vintage store Tropical Paradise), Monsterpussy (San Diego DJ/Makeout Weird promotor), and the Mel Rico (Tijuana fashion blogger) will be DJing. The hostess-with-the-most-ess tells me there will be savory drinks and pretty cupcakes to devour.

    GRRRL Nite One-Year Anniversary at Moustache Bar in Tijuana is Friday. For more info contact Marty Preciado.

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