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    We know you like it when we post our latest Screen Grabs gallery on Facebook, and we love that you follow us on Twitter to keep up with our blogs from sdDialedIn, OwlandBear, Gwen Jackson and Scott McDonald. But ... bonus: You can also get tips from SoundDiego on Foursquare and follow along with us as we check in to the best shows around San Diego.

    So whether you want to know where to stand once you're inside a club or what drink to order, we can help. Here's a couple examples:

    • Bar Pink: With $2 PBR & Tecate cans and $3 well drinks, you can't go wrong, but try the Sneaky Tiki for something a little fruity. Beware, the name doesn't lie.
    • Casbah: The back bar is open on busy nights if there is a long wait up front -- but it's cash only 
    • Soma: If you don't want to fight the kids to be up front, the best sound is to the immediate left right of the stage

    We'll be checking in three or four nights a week from multiple locations each night. If there's five great shows on one night, we'll tell you which you to kill yourself if you missed. So join over 1,000 over music fans in San Diego and follow us on Foursquare!

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