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Fountains of Wayne Still 'Full' of It



    Whether they like it or not, Fountains of Wayne will always be synonymous with their infamous adolescent anthem, "Stacey's Mom." Rather than moving into a new direction, the band seems to have fully embraced their irony over the years by only growing in their clever indie pop. It's a formula that has proved successful and given them immunity from the one-hit-wonder category. Their latest release, Sky Full of Holes, displays their ability to go darker, sharper and more daring than ever. I caught up with Adam Schlesinger before his show at Anthology on Oct. 11. We discussed their humor and aversion to being grown-ups. 

    Nada Alic: Sky Full of Holes plays off more adult narratives that deal with more middle-aged doldrums. Was that a deliberate transition? How much of it was gleaned from real life?
    Adam Schlesinger: We try to write from our real lives at least indirectly, if not overtly. A lot of names are changed, but the characters in my songs are often composites of real people I know.

    NA: Comedic irony has always found it's way onto your records. Do you consider yourselves pretty funny guys?
    AS: I'm the Wanda Sykes of men.

    NA: Sky Full of Holes is ripe with nostalgia. Do you ever wish you could go back to the post-adolescent years of college, or have you discovered a newfound peace with growing up?
    AS: I wish I could go back to college so I could more fully appreciate not having to do anything all day.

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    NA: Your music has been cited as being for music nerds and rock critics. Are there any other unusual demographics you attract?
    AS: We're popular with goth kids. Oh, wait: No, we're not.

    NA: "A Road Song" is about a guy on the road missing his lady. Whats the best way to deal with long-distance relationships while on the road?
    AS: Don't go on long tours.

    NA: Are you working on any other projects?
    AS: I just wrote some songs for Emmanuelle Seigner, who is a French singer and actress.

    NA: How's your experience been with San Diego? Excited to return on the 11th?
    AS: We've always enjoyed playing in San Diego. And, in fact, I lived in La Jolla for several months when we were doing the musical Cry-Baby, so i'm looking forward to returning.

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