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Feast on November's Top Music Pics

FM 94/9's Tim Pyles guides you through November's best musical bets



    Hello "ive-music attendees! You do go to live shows, right? This town has never had as much to offer as it does currently. You should really support the great local talent and touring bands that take play America's Finest City. November's looking pretty good, so take a gander at some of my choice selections. Sorry if it's Casbah -- or Casbah Presents -- heavy, but they do produce the best shows in town (disclaimer: I help book the local talent):

    Nov. 2 at the Casbah: The alt-country of the Sadies, and the psych-rock of SD's the Loons take over Kettner's favorite rock-spot.
    Nov. 3 at the Belly Up: Manchester, UK, band the 1975 comes to town. I'm sure you've heard them on the radio.
    Nov. 4 at the Casbah: UK punk legends Subhumans invade Anti-Monday League, with Bumbklaat, Sculpins and Records With Roger.
    Nov. 5 at Balboa Theatre: Get close and intimate with Switchfoot -- a hometown favorite!
    Nov. 6 at the Casbah: Alejandro Escovedo & the Sensitive Boys, and Amy Cook roll into San Diego. Alejandro is part of the famous Escovedo family, which has members in acts like Santana, the Nuns, the Dragons, the Zeros and Sheila E.
    Nov. 7 at the Casbah: Crocodiles return to San Diego with Wymond Mile and Heavy Hawaii. These guys tour the world and rarely come home, so let's make them feel welcome.
    Nov. 8 at the Casbah: Rubblebucket team up with locals the Heavy Guilt, plus Grampadrew & the Gutstring Girls. Rubblebucket are hard to describe but will move your ass.
    Nov. 9 at Porter's Pub: Blitzen Trapper is experimental indie rock, folk and country -- mixed into one.
    Nov. 10 at the Irenic: Cults, Sacco and Mood Rings return to town to play an all-ages show. Another great local band on the national playing field! Have you been to the Irenic yet? They have beer and wine.
    Nov. 11 at the Casbah: Anti-Monday League with Mad Professor: The Roots of Dub Step Tour, Rafter "it's Reggae" "live" dubbed by Castor & Pollix, plus Kill Quanti DJs. The Roots of Dub Step may surprise you -- please don't think Brostep, bros.
    Nov. 12 at the Casbah: Quasi (featuring Janet Weiss of Sleater Kinney) and Blues Control will rock your ear holes.
    Nov. 13 at the Casbah: The Queen of Bounce, Big Freedia, Okapi Sun and DJ Claire. Shake what your momma gave you!
    Nov. 14 at Maryjane's Underground (Hard Rock Hotel): Rock & roll with Neighbors to the North and the nFormals! RSVP here for the free party.
    Nov. 15 at the Casbah: Nik Turner's Hawkwind, Astra, Joy, with Operation Mindblow visuals blow minds at thee ole C-bah. Lemmy, of friggin' Motorhead fame, was in Hawkwind, and they are one of the first space-rock groups.
    Nov. 16 at the Casbah: the return of Autolux, with illuminauts. Autolux creates what you might also call space rockl.
    Nov. 17 at the Casbah: Canadian's the Besnard Lakes play San Diego with Elephant Stone -- another band that touches on space rock. For those of you keeping track, that's three nights in a row.
    Nov. 18 at the Casbah: It's another Anti-Monday League, but nobody is booked.  Let's see who reads this and wants to play.  Shoot me an e-mail -- here's your chance!
    Nov. 19 at the House of Blues: Scottish synth-pop band Chvrches
    Nov. 20: English indie pop rock band Foxes! at the House of Blues 5th Avenue Stage
    Nov. 21: It's the return of SoundDiego LIVE at Seven Grand, with Low Volts and Two Wolves. Get on the list here.
    Nov. 21 at Viejas Arena: The former frontman for local band Bad Radio, Eddie Vedder, comes home.
    Nov. 22 at the Casbah: Obits, with Rob Crow's Gloomy Place, White Murder and Phantom Ratio. Obits features Pitchfork, Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu singer, Rick Froberg.
    Nov. 23 at Porter's Pub: The Locust returns for one night only at Porter's Pub with Widows. Experimental noise rock from the genre's best: The Locust!
    Nov. 24 at the Casbah: this night features the psych-rock sounds of Night Beats, Wild Wild Wets and Amerikan Bear.
    Nov. 25 at the Casbah: Sir Sly plays Anti-Monday League with James Young and Dead Times. They did a residency at the Casbah, remember?  
    Nov. 26 at the Belly Up: Sinead O'Connor is back. This legend battled the Pope and Miley Cyrus.
    Nov. 27 at the Belly Up: Chris Issak returns to SD. He's talented and very funny.
    Nov. 28 at Seven Grand: SoundDiego LIVE with Low Volts and Two Wolves!
    Nov. 29 at the Irenic: Polar Bear Club plays with Diamond Youth, Citizen and Sainthood Reps. They call it post-hardcore and/or punk, if you will.
    Nov. 30 at the Casbah: The two brothers from Hawthorne are back -- it's Redd Kross, Octagrape and Joel Jerome + Babies on Acid. The band's first gig was opening for Black Flag in the '80s.
    My name is Tim Pyles, thanks for watching SoundDiego and listening to the Local 94/9 -- I'll see you at a show!

    Tim Pyles, a longtime local who grew up in La Jolla, is the unofficial mayor of local music who hosts The Local 94/9 via FM94/9 every Sunday from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. He also books local acts at the Casbah, hosts the weekly Anti-Monday League, books/hosts the monthly Maryjane's Underground at the House Of Blues and is an entertainment writer for Pacific San Diego Magazine. Check out his website thelocalpyle.com and and follow him on Twitter @thelocalpyle. You can reach him directly here pyleste@yahoo.com