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Droppin' Bombs, Droppin' Shirts



    Blame One recently released a new song, "Dropping Bombs," in conjunction with the release of a very new, very cool T-shirt. Coincidentally, it also comes on the heels of Blame's first win at the San Diego Music Awards (which he didn't attend due to an apparent miscommunication, though that didn't stop a fellow North County-based rapper from bum-rushing the stage in glorious fashion).

    The song is a collaboration with visual artist and producer Coper. Coper maintains a solid break-beat foundation, but then he throws all sorts of layers on top of it. From old school police horns to guitar-driven hippie music to whistles, squeaks and ... god-knows-what, it's all chopped and twisted into a healthy slab of funk. It's frantic enough to be borderline moshpit-inducing. Blame keeps his contribution straightforward and to-the-point. For three verses, he spits tongue-twisting rhymes aimed at wack rappers. He calls himself a pharoah and Jack Sparrow, though he also takes a shot at Backstreet Boys' slow jams, which is clearly misguided and crazy.

    You can check out the song at the Chemistry Surfboards blog here. Chemistry helped release both the song and shirt. If you're interested in the new shirt, it's called the Broken Beaker Tee. It's both a pun on Chemistry Surfboards in Oceanside, which put out the shirt, and also a reference to lyrics from Blame's 2009 single "Disturbed," in which he took on the role of mad scientist. You can buy the shirt here. On the horizon, you can look forward to a collaboration project with Blame One and Coper as part of Chemistry Surfboards' ChemArtistry initiative.

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