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Diego Garcia Puts the 'G' in Gentleman

Former Elefant frontman promotes romantic sophomore release “Paradise” at the Griffin on Sunday



    Take a romantic timeout with indie music's 2013 gentlemen, Diego Garcia. The Argentinean-American musician performs Sunday at the Griffin. The ridiculously handsome singer-songwriter is currently on a U.S. fall tour promoting his sophomore release Paradise, and similar to his debut Laura, is completely inspired by his muse and real-life wife, Laura.

    The 11-track English-language album is full of enchanting chamber-pop acoustic guitar rock melodies about the depths of love in his current relationship. “I wrote all the songs with my muse,” Garcia says. “My muse is my wife. She's the only person I play anything for.”

    The Detroit-born, raised-in-Florida singer recalls growing up Latino while sipping on coffee at a café before reaching San Diego -- his first west-coast stop. “You do get to grow up with the bubble of your parent's culture,” Garcia says. “It's beautiful -- I went through life without realizing how special it was for me to grow up in an immigrant's home.”
    The first album was an ode to Laura and their breakup. With this new album, Laura and Diego are now married with kids -- 3 year old daughter and 7-month old son. He says, “My family gave me the emotional strength to write this new album.”

    “We brought this new energy to this completely new place in my life. But in real life there are still cracks, and as an artist what I’m intrigued by is looking into those cracks for whatever beauty is there  -- that never goes away.”

    Find out why he puts the 'G' in gentleman on Sunday 9 P.M. at the Griffin. He will even perform a few songs from the Elefant catalog. Get tix here. Get amped up for the show and listen to Paradisenow.