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DJ Shadow in the Mix



    DJ Shadow, who will be performing at 4th & B this Saturday night, came to prominence in the mid- to late '90s by pioneering (hell, almost inventing) instrumental hip-hop and helping open the door for alternative hip-hop.

    The experimental DJ's debut album, Endtroducing ......, is a genre-defying experience composed entirely of samples, borrowing from hip-hop, psychedelia, funk, jazz, old TV shows, interviews and more. It is critically acclaimed and widely regarded as one of the most important pieces of music of all time.

    Shadow is currently touring in promotion of his latest release, The Less You Know, the Better. It's more of a genre-hopping album than a genre-defying one, with Shadow experimenting with everything from old-school hip-hop to heavy metal to soul.

    A live DJ Shadow show should be no less mind-bending than his music. Expect a mix as eclectic as his own music, possibly spinning through breathtaking feats of vinyl. Or you might get whatever the complete opposite of that is from an artist who basically created a genre with Entroducing ...... and Private Press -- and then told that genre to piss off with The Outsider. Stay on your toes -- this will be a unique experience, either way.

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    You can buy tickets at the 4th & B website. Details below:

    4th & B
    345 B St.
    Doors @ 9 p.m.
    Tickets $20

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