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Time to Get Your Festival On



    Cubbfest 2011 kicks off at Vision Pulse on July 31.

    For its second year in a row, the festival will showcase talent primarily from San Diego, everything from indie rockers to rappers to artists, 20 bands  in all, along with a silent auction put on by Chabi Chavi Collective, which will have their own stage of performers.

    The main focus of the event is about music though. Headlining the event is LA rapper/skateboarder Vince Staples. The rapper toggles between chronicles of his life and delving into dark fantasy. A contributor to Odd Future, the rapper's style is reminiscent of Eminem. But the festival is not all hardcore rap. Those seeking a psychedelic sound can check out the other headlining actm Trip Tides, a garage band specializing in lo-fi, upbeat pop songs that jangle along with simple guitar riffs. Hailing from Bloomington, Ind., the band just produced a 14-track album of '60s inspired surf rock (produced here in San Diego).

    One of the most notable other acts is In Motion Trio. The group was recently nominated for a San Diego Music Award for Best Jazz. The trio has been praised for the their ability to blend inspired beats with jazz to create a distinctly new sound. Drawing inspiration from Fela Kuti, the group just released the full-length Barefoot Race.

    Promoter Chris Cubbison [the son of NBCSanDiego 7 reporter Gene Cubbison, and the festival's namesake] said his friends inspired him to create the festival.

    “I have a lot of friends who are really talented, and I wanted to showcase their talents,” Cubbison said.

    Last year's festival was at a friend’s house, Cubbison said, so this year he wanted to go legit, offering more acts and adding the art showcase. After some initial problems, the event location was moved to Vision Pulse in Sorrento Valley.

    “You start along a path, and you get some curveballs, and you have to readjust,” Cubbison said. 

    The main event this Sunday follows the July 10 warmup Sunday Funday, which Cubbison described as “more of an introduction day.” This week will feature nearly four times as many artists, as well as merchants selling local artwork. Members of the Chabi Chavi Collective, which is a collaboration of artists and musicians with similar style and taste, make most of the work on display.

    The festival will have something for everyone. The show runs from noon to 10 p.m. on Sunday. A ticket special is available through the event's Facebook page for $10. Tickets are also available through Brown Paper Tickets.