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Coming Together for the Beatles

The music of the Beatles comes to life at the Office on June 30



    Folks, the Beatles hit San Diego on June 30.
    OK, maybe that's not entirely true. While the evening won't technically feature any members of the Fab Four, some of San Diego's top-tier musicians are coming together (drum roll) to bring the music of the Beatles to life. If you've ever wondered what that famed Liverpool quartet would sound like helmed by members of such bands as Transfer, the Silent Comedy, Get Back Loretta, the Midnight Pine and Big Mountain, then make sure to head to the Office in North Park on Monday for the Beatles Under Cover.

    The Under Cover series was conceptualized by one of Office manager Julie Mossa, and the shows bring together local musicians who perform their favorite songs from different legendary artists.The first show in the series was devoted to Willie Nelson and featured members from Dead Feather Moon, Family Wagon and River City singing while the Silent Comedy acted as the house band. The next event had musicians from Okapi Sun, Lady Dottie & the Diamonds, the Styletones and others covering songs by David Bowie.
    Both of those shows were packed -- there's quite a buzz building about the series, especially now that the music of the Beatles is involved.
    "It's cool to see friends play different renditions of the songs you know so well," Transfer frontman Matt Molarius said. "I noticed at the last show, people in the audience were singing along and everybody supports one another -- makes for a happy evening."
    Of course, the Beatles' catalog is not short on instantly recognizable tunes, with entire albums taking on almost mythological status.
    "There are about five different albums that have rotated as my favorite over the years," Molarius said. "Currently, I would say 'Revolver' has been getting the most spins. But then there's 'The White Album' that I can never get away from, as well as 'Sgt. Pepper's' ... and then 'Let It Be' ... then 'Rubber Soul.' See what happens?"   
    Asked what she would  be performing at the show, Shelbi Bennett, the vocalist for the Midnight Pine (whose sophomore album, "Buried," was reviewed in our SoundDiego Record Club last month), was rather coy (magically mysterious?): "I will say that I am doing three songs with Matt Molarius -- but the rest is secret."
    Looks like you'll just have to spend a hard day's night at the Office on Monday to see an excellent cast of San Diego musicians paying homage to one of the greatest rock & roll bands of all time.
    Julie Mossa & the Office present the Beatles Under Cover on Monday, June 30. Tickets are $5, the show is 21+ and starts at 9 p.m.

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