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Danny Brown, Currensy Shows Pay Off



    Porter's Pub at UCSD has only gotten more popular in the few months since the school year started, with November looking really good as far as hip-hop shows are concerned. This coming week, the venue hosts back-to-back shows with Das Racist and Danny Brown co-headlining Wednesday, and Currensy playing anchor Thursday.

    You might remember Das Racist as the masterminds behind the absurd "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" song that went viral. And if you didn't remember, you'd be forgiven, because it is basically one joke stretched out into a three-minute song and then inexplicably stretched out further into a mildly successful rap career. Go figure.

    Danny Brown more than makes up for it, though. Brown is a Detroit rapper, a weirdo with a high-pitched voice and an elastic delivery who's just as comfortable spitting with the aggressively ignorant Tony Yayo of G-Unit as he is spitting with the aggressively arty El-P of Def Jux. Coincidentally, El-Gun Legro, who shares a similar voice and delivery with Brown, will be opening that night.

    The following night welcomes underground darling Currensy back to San Diego. Currensy has built a cult following by trademarking a certain brand of relaxed, spacy, smoker's music ... and then hammering home that brand with a ton of consistently high-quality releases. He's reaching pre-Carter III Lil' Wayne levels of productivity, having already dropped two studio albums and three official mix tapes this year, with still more to come (supposedly) before the end of the year. Oh, and he's BFF's with Wiz Khalifa, in case that mattered.

    Get tickets for Das Racist/Danny Brown here and for Currensy here. Details for both shows below:

    Porter's Pub at UCSD
    105 Eucalyptus Grove
    Das Racist/Danny Brown (Nov. 2): $16
    Currensy (Nov. 3): $25
    All ages Doors open 8 p.m.

    Quan Vu Quan Vu is the founder and editor of local music blog SD Raps.com. He has also written about local and national hip-hop acts for San Diego CityBeat and the San Diego Reader. You can nerd out on rap trivia by following him on Twitter or e-mailing him directly.