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Buddy Banter Video Premiere: "Let Me Go"

Buddy Banter return with sugary power-pop goodness in new video



    Buddy Banter Video Premiere: "Let Me Go"
    Buddy Banter return with a new video for "Let Me Go."

    Over the last year or two, we’ve fallen pretty hard for Buddy Banter. The local indie power pop/rock trio got our blood pumping with their 2013 sophomore EP, “Paradise Thrillz” -- which featured two singles (“Insane” and “I Miss You”) that we’re unashamed to say we’ve had on repeat – and we made sure people knew it. We tapped ‘em for last August's SoundDiego LIVE party, and had their EP firmly situated atop our Top 13 Albums of 2013 list.

    So you could say we’re stoked that the band (which features singer/drummer Steven Oira, bassist Dylan O'Bosky and guitarist Kevin Glenn) is back at it with some new music. And we’re delighted to report that they haven’t lost a step in any way.

    The group’s brand new video for “Let Me Go” -- the first single off their upcoming, as-yet-untitled EP -- is a trippy journey through a highly distorted cinematic lens paired with vintage, campy horror movie clips. Directed by Mrs. Magician’s frontman Jacob Turnbloom, the song picks up right where the tunes on “Paradise Thrillz” left off: A devilishly poppy melody swirls around fuzzy guitars and a bobbing bass line while Oira sings about broken homes and loneliness (in a curveball, it sounds like the band’s added glockenspiel or xylophone to the track too, which we all know makes everything sound better).

    According to the band, they’re in the midst of booking a West Coast tour, filming two more videos and shopping the new record to indie labels for a possible summer release. If this song is any indication, they’ll have to fight ‘em off.

    Also, view the video here.