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Bonnaroo or Bust With Joel P West



    WIth the help of Holiday Matinee's Dave Brown and's Zack Nielson, Joel P West and the Tree Ring have a chance to perform at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival (June 10-13, in Manchester, Tenn.). 

    Part of the Ford Fiesta movement, Brown and Nielson were asked to pick a San Diego artist deserving of national recognition. Nielson of the arts and music nonprofit,, had the following to say: "It took Dave and I all of 30 seconds to pick Joel P West. Joel has been a hidden gem amongst San Diego's recently buzzing music scene for the past several years. We've had the pleasure of watching Joel's music evolve from an acoustic project to a fleshed-out, string-based quartet, a.k.a. the Tree Ring."

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    Joel P West an the Tree Ring will perform Friday at the Museum of Contemporary Art/San Diego. Tickets, only $8 ($10 on the day of the show) can be purchased via Per Dave Brown of Holiday Matinee, a creative firm and blog: "We're trying to send a local band to Bonnaroo to play with Stevie Wonder, the Flaming Lips and Jay-Z.  A Ford rep is flying into town for the show, so we're hoping to pack the place and get Joel to Tennessee."