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Average White Band to Funk Up Anthology



    The Average White Band are often mentioned in discussions about rhythm & blues or funk music.  Like Hall and Oates and the Bee Gees, AWB's vocal harmonies, style and beats are pinned to ears of Black soul music lovers of the 70s, with one distinction, they’re white. 

    On Friday, Anthology will host the Scottish soul icons for two set, at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

    Since forming in 1972l, the Average White Band has charted with a series of hits including "Cut the Cake," "Pick Up the Pieces" and "Let’s Go Round Again." My personal favorite track is "A Love of Your Own," which has been featured in many mixed R&B Slow Jam compilations. Average White Band’s music is also familiar to from the movie Swingers and Budweiser commercials. 

    Combining soul, funk and rhythm and blues, the band has a sound that is uniquely theirs but appeals to the listeners of soft rock and ballads. However, neo-soul and smooth-jazz listeners will still be able to feel their vibe and appreciate the eclectic sounds.

    Tickets are still available for both shows.