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Andre Nickatina Swims Into House of Blues



    San Francisco hip-hop legend Andre Nickatina will be performing at House of Blues  Wednesday as he stops in San Diego for the Money Shark 2011 tour.

    The rapper formerly known as Dre Dog has been in the game since 1993, having amassed a huge body of work, including 13 solo albums and seven more collaborative projects. He's built a cult following with sordid tales of street survival, hustling and drug dealing, tales made memorable by infectious beats, catchy hooks, charisma and an often bizarre, dark sense of humor. Add to that the fact that he's achieved much of his success as a grass-roots-driven, independent artist, and it's not hard to imagine why he has become a sort of mythological figure to his audience. Though it has been odd witnessing how little attention he's been paid on the Internet compared with the amount of excitement that real-life, non-blog-savvy rap fans express for him. Clearly, the Internet is completely nuts.

    Opening for Dre Dog are Raider Dave, Swizzz and Hopsin, who you might remember (if you're one of those aforementioned blog-savvy rap fans) as the rapper who dissed Tyler, the Creator of the red-hot Odd Future Wolf Gang. Hopsin claims that Tyler stole his rap style from him. You should find out for yourself this Wednesday at House of Blues. You can buy tickets at the House of Blues website. More details below:

    House of Blues San Diego
    1055 Fifth Ave.
    Doors 6:30 p.m.; Show 7:30 p.m.
    Tickets $22.50 ($25 day of show)
    All ages

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