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All Time Low Riding High



    Infamous for their party-rock anthems and equally spirited shenanigans. Baltimore pop-punk rockers All Time Low blow into the House of Blues Thursday.

    The genetically blessed quartet are back at it with a new album, Don’t Panic, which dropped earlier this month. Their fifth release marks a whole new beginning for the band, which is made up of high-school buddies Alex Gaskarth (vocals/guitar) , Jack Barakat (guitar), bassist Zack Merrick and Rian Dawson on drums.


    Taking a DIY approach to both the writing and production aspects of album -- although the sound is very much in keeping with some of the band’s original influences, including Green Day, whom the band recently toured with -- it's clear the band is coming into its own. Described by drummer Rian Dawson, as an album of“All Time Low writing All Time Low songs,” the new record not only reflects the classic sound that fanshave come to know, it also celebrates the band’s return to the Southern California based label Hopeless Records, which brought the band into the spotlight  and debuted the band’s 2006 LP, Put Up or Shut Up.
    Speaking before a recent show, Gaskarth shared a bit about his Halloween costume and the band’s current tour, The Rock Show at the End of the World.
    Alexa Mangrum: Hey, Alex! How’s the tour going?
    Alex Gaskarth: Just here in Boise, Idaho. It’s poppin’ off. Getting very crazy here.

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    I read somewhere that one of your favorite things is being on tour -- it’s like being on vacation with your friends. What are some of your favorite places to tour?

    AG: We have great shows all over the world, but one of my all-time favorite places is Japan, When we go overseas, we just get the sense that these kids don’t get to go to American shows very often, and the energy is amazing.  I love the people, I love the atmosphere. It’s a really cool country. That said, Europe’s been really cool to us. I love France. I love Italy.
    AM:When the tour concludes, will you head back to Los Angeles to work on anything new?
    AG:  We’re from Baltimore, so after we’ll head home ... and take some time off. Next year is going to be a big year for us. We’re headed out all over the world.
    AM:Keeping things more local, you’ll be performing a Halloween show in Hollywood  Wednesday. What are you dressing up as?
    AG:  I haven’t really decided yet. I’m sort of a last-minute Halloween shopper.
    AM:It’s Hollyweird. You’ve got to think of something.
    AG:  Well, I was thinking of being a joint costume -- like a cross between a wizard and a small Hispanic child, like Dumbledora the Explora! Something like that.
    AM:Very nice. Well, sadly we in San Diego will miss seeing you in costume but look forward to your show this Thursday!
    All Time Low will perform an all-ages show at 7 p.m. on Thursday at the House of Blues with guests the Summer Set, the Downtown Fiction and Hit the Lights. Doors are at 6 p.m. Get tickets here.