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Adam Lambert Arrested



    San Diego County's Adam Lambert was arrested in Finland after Finnish police said he assaulted people who tried to break up a fight between the former American Idol star and his boyfriend in downtown Helsinki, The Associated Press reported.

    The fight spread from a popular gay bar early Thursday into the street, where Lambert was suspected of hitting two people who tried to break it up, according to Detective Superintendent Petri Juvonen.

    Juvonen said Lambert's boyfriend, Finnish Big Brother star Sauli Koskinen, also was held for questioning. He said no weapons were used, no one was seriously hurt and that it was not "a very serious incident."

    Police said the two men were released after a few hours and that no further action would be taken.

    In February of this year, Lambert confirmed he was in a relationship. While Lambert at that time didn’t reveal the name of his boyfriend, several celebrity sites were reporting that Lambert was dating Koskinen. While talking with gossip blogger Perez Hilton at that time, Lambert did reveal that he has had to get used to how his new fame has affected his love life.

    “Dating is totally different now,” Lambert said. “There’s added pressure, there’s added expectation. You have to wonder if this person is talking to me or interested because I’m famous or because they like who I am?”

    A Mount Carmel High School alum, Lambert was one of the contestants on the eighth season of American Idol. After he finished as a runner-up, Lambert returned to his alma mater to perform for students in May 2009.

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