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The 1975 Are a Blast from the Past

The 1975's frontman Matthew Healy talked to SoundDiego before an upcoming show at the Casbah.



    The 1975 took me by surprise-- it’s easy to get bored with the synth-heavy Britpop we’ve all grown inured to, but the English indie rockers have their sound nailed: “Chocolate” is a perfect example of the infectious mix of beats and vocals that define the band.

    Maybe it’s the enchanting flair of vocalists Matthew Healy’s accent or maybe the 1975's strong instrumental support, but the band has something seriously noteworthy going on. The group spent the past 10 years -- since they were young teens -- in various other outfits before finally settling into their newest identity with the 1975, who will play a Casbah show on Friday presented by 91x.

    “We weren’t really taking it all that seriously before the 1975,”  Healy said.  “When we were 20, 21, we were just making music … when we hit 23 or whatever, we said, ‘Let’s see what people think, let’s put out a record.' "

    The band’s unabashed lyrics and ambitious sentiment mesh in a diverse combination of tracks across their four EPs, all of which were released during the course of eight months.

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    “We create [music] in the same way we consume: Nobody in my generation consumes in any sort of linear format,” Healy said.

    The September release of their upcoming full-length album is slated to feature 16 tracks, including the previously released “Chocolate,”  “Sex” and “The City,” along with 13 new songs.

    The 1975 have embarked on several whirlwind tours of the U.S., once playing 11 shows in five days. Healy said America has been accepting and the band is grateful for their rising success.

    “It’s amazing we’ve got the opportunity to do this, because none of this has been contrived -- it’s merely a pursuit of excellence amongst four individuals,” Healy said.

    Is this laidback band on the way to being the next big thing? Maybe so.

    Catch the 1975 at the Casbah on Friday with the Bad Suns.