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Science Fiction: Just the Facts



    For the past three years, Science Fiction have been bringing their brand of funk-infused jazz to San Diego.

    Comprised of brothers Aaron and Allen de la Rosa, each on guitar; Antonion Bravo on drums; and Jacob Miranda on bass; the talented troupe is adept at both improv and composition, layering danceable bass lines with catchy fretwork, then tearing it down and building it all back up again. Because of this, their live shows always leave you wanting more. For a sample of their music, check out their Science Fiction on SoundCloud.

    When the band joins the Paris-based experimentalists of the Kandinsky Effect at the Office this Wednesday, you'll have a chance to see for yourself. In the meantime, Science Fiction told us a little bit about their influences; ranging from George Benson to 8-bit Nintendo, it's a revealing look at what makes this quartet tick.

    Soulive: A funk, soul, jazz trio from New York, Soulive always brings it. Their musicianship, energy and collective creativity are what draws us the most to them. Some consider Soulive an "underground" band, which has given us a lot of inspiration to see what is possible in such an original and talented group.

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    Medeski, Martin and Wood: Improv, jam, improv, jam. That’s what it’s about to us. It’s about the music. We can’t imagine playing the same songs the same way every time. It helps us maintain our sanity and keep things fresh while constantly pushing the envelope and seeing where we can take the song every time. MMW is a phenomenal band that takes it to the extreme. Sometimes you come up with great stuff, sometimes you don’t. Better luck next time!

    George Benson: The epitome of a musician. One of the few musicians who found success in multiple genres. Benson's ability to cross over from jazz to pop shows his extreme talent and versatility. Known mostly as a singer, many are unaware of his virtuoso ability on the guitar. His use of octaves, his melodic phrasing, awesome technique and his signature use of scat vocals while playing improvised guitar lines make him a living legend. One of our greatest influences as an instrumentalist, he continues the legacy of Wes Montgomery and other jazz guitarists before him. He’s an inspiration to us in that he shows how one can maximize his/her individual talents.

    Jamiroquai: One of those bands that constantly puts out good stuff that can make you groove or cry. For bass players out there, Stuart Zender is the man. His bass lines are in the pocket, smooth and consistent while leaving a lot of room for the band. Despite his talent and creativity, he has a very humble demeanor, which makes him a great influence and inspiration.

    Star Wars: The name of our band is Science Fiction. We have a song called "Beggar’s Canyon." We like light sabers, Ewoks and Princess Leia in her slave outfit.... Enough said.

    T. Loper is a writer and photographer for the San Diego music blog Owl and Bear.