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9 of San Diego's Finest Love Songs

We get seriously romantic and offer a mix tape of some of San Diego's best love songs



    We all know Valentine’s Day is upon us. It’s just inescapable: the incessant commercials, the endless grocery-store promotions, those annoying couples we all know who constantly post V-Day memes on each other’s Facebook walls. As much as we don't love all those things, we still enjoy compiling mix tapes for that special someone. Call us nostalgic, but there are few things more epic than a finely curated mix tape, right?

    To get y’all in the mood for Feb. 14’s amorous activities, we highlight nine love songs recorded by San Diego artists that would surely make their way onto our playlist. Of course, we live in one of the richest musically talented cities on the planet, and we’re definitely not lacking in the love-song category.
    • "I Fall in Love Too Fast," by Nena Anderson Nearly every song this alt-country chanteuse writes could fit on this list. Key lyric: "I fall in love too fast/I’m never going to learn/How to play with fire and not get burned/I fall in love too fast/I’d like to think I’ve got another chance." (Buy it here)
    • "Submarines," by the Frights One of the more uptempo choices on our tape; these garage-rock kids ask the age-old question: "If I were to go/Would you go?/If I were to stay/Would you stay?” (Buy it here)
    • "You Were Meant for Me," by Jewel Who could forget what is arguably the most famous San Diego love song ever, which was co-written by Steve Poltz? Try your best not to hum it the rest of the day: "Dreams last so long/Even after you’re gone/I know that you love me/And soon you will see/You were meant for me/And I was meant for you." (Buy it here)

    • "Cryin’ Over You," by Jesse LaMonaca & the Dime Novels LaMonaca’s got one of the most swoon-worthy voices around and busts out country-folk and heavy-soul burners like this one on the regular: "I been saying that I’ll be fine/No matter what happens/But that’s a lie/You’d hurt me something bad if you said goodbye." (Buy it here)

    • "How the Day Sounds," by Greg Laswell One of Laswell’s most melodically riveting -- and finest -- songs. We caught him last Tuesday at Lestat’s, where he played this one with just acoustic guitar and cello. Our cold hearts may have instantly melted: "Everything I knew of love/I was a long, long way off." (Buy it here)

    • "Jeff’s Lament," by John Meeks We all know love’s not always peachy and fun. And for all those folks out there with a really dark side -- or those who maybe have been done wrong recently -- this one’s for you: "I can’t handle knowing you are lovin’ someone else/I would rather murder you than live here with myself." (Buy it here)

    • "This Heavy Heart," by the Midnight Pine This band is a master of beautiful, swaying acoustic lullabies, with stunning, powerful vocals by lead singer Shelbi Bennett: "This open road/Seems to know my name/Just you and me/And an open flame." (Buy it here)

    • "Reverie," by the New Kinetics One of the New Kinetics’ rare quieter tracks (dare we say, a ballad?), this one smolders away while lead singer Birdy Bardot softly croons lyrics like: "'Cause the feeling is different this time around/And he changed me somehow/Now it feels safe to drown/As long as you’re around." (Buy it here)

    • "There Is Nothing You Can Do," by the Paragraphs This one’s more of a love-lost track, but let’s face it: Some of the best love songs are written in misery. This North County band has alt-country/rock nuggets to offer in spades, and this tune is no different. The music swirls and builds, while the refrain "There is nothing you can do/To make me love you” comes off as intentionally disingenuous. (Buy it here)

    What songs would you put on a mix for the apple of your eye? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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