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Help a Band Break Out!

Hocus and Noise Floor are competing to play our free SoundDiego LIVE party March 28 at El Dorado



    With St. Patricks's Day fast approaching, everyone's got green beer on the brain. But our free SoundDiego LIVE bash on March 28 at El Dorado will put that holiday to shame.

    In case you haven't heard, the event will feature Family Wagon and Crash & the Burns plus a VIP happy hour hosted by Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey. That's plenty to keep music lovers busy, but our regulars know no SoundDiego LIVE event is complete without our Garage 2 Glory competition.

    VOTE NOW: Pick your favorite band for Garage 2 Glory

    SoundDiego LIVE Keeps It in the Family

    SoundDiego LIVE Keeps It in the Family
    FM 94/9's Tim Pyles talks to March SoundDiego LIVE headliner Family Wagon, who will play with Crash & the Burns at El Dorado on March 28. Get on the guest list here:
    (Published Sunday, March 10, 2013)

    For the uninitiated, Garage 2 Glory pits two bands against each other in an online battle to the death. SoundDiego fans -- that'd be you -- vote for the band they like best, and the winner gets to play our SoundDiego LIVE event. This month, the competing bands are Hocus and Noise Floor.

    Fans of razor-edged rock will find lots to like about Hocus. The local trio's bouncing power-chord riffs and slurred vocals evoke everyone from the Sex Pistols to Iggy & the Stooges.

    Noise Floor lend their music a slightly more modern feel, mixing post-punk drums and ambient guitars with Sarah McTaggart's earnest vocals. The resulting sound is simultaneosly exposed and mysterious, at times recalling defunct indie rockers Denali.

    Both bands would make a great addition to our March 28 event, but there can be only one winner. To vote for your favorite Garage 2 Glory band, click here. The winner will be decided March 26 at noon.

    Regardless of which band wins the competition, the March 28 SoundDiego LIVE at El Dorado will be something you're sure to love, so don't miss it. You can RSVP for the party here.

    SoundDiego associate editor Chris Maroulakos is also the managing editor of the San Diego music blog Owl and Bear.