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Surfing With the Stars



    San Diego has always been known for its surfing, but now it can pride itself on being the home of "subsurfing," too.

    The buzz around the newly formed Subsurfer has been growing in recent months, thanks to rocking sets at Bar Pink, the Casbah and the Adams Avenue Street Fair. With the release of their debut album, We Are Stars, on Nov. 28, the grit-pop group is set to make waves so big they'll wash away that sand castle you spent all afternoon building. With their fuzzed-out guitars and everyman vocals, Subsurfer turn the dial back to grunge, evoking bands like Nirvana, Pavement and Weezer. David Montalbano's warbled croon is refreshingly laid-back, commanding your attention without ever seeming like he's trying.

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    On the We Are Stars highlight "Girl Problem," the four-piece is joined by Nervous Wreckords frontman Brian Karscig -- he also produced the album -- who lays some whispered harmonies over the palm-muted power chords and crackling snare hits. Touches like that are what make We Are Stars so instantly endearing, cozying up to you like a forgotten favorite from your old cassette pile.

    In honor of We Are Stars' release, Subsurfer are doing a pair of radio interviews set to air on Nov. 27: a live one with Tim Pyles on FM 94/9 and a pre-recorded one on KPRI 102. You can also catch them Nov. 17 at the Ruby Room -- where they'll play with Warring State of Mind and the Alligator Republic) -- on Nov. 28 at Soda Bar and Dec. 28 at the Casbah.

    Chris Maroulakos is a writer and managing editor for the San Diego music blog Owl and Bear.