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Random Facts About Signing of California High-Speed Rail Bill



    Location of Gov. Jerry Brown's signing of legislation to fund beginning of high-speed rail project: Union Station in Los Angeles

    Time of first signing at Union Station: 10 am, Wednesday morning

    Location of Gov. Brown's second appearance of day to promote signing: site of future Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco

    Scheduled time of second signing: 2 pm

    Time between start of two events: 4 hours

    Time high-speed rail is supposed to take between LA and San Francisco when project is complete: 2 hours, 40 minutes

    Estimated cost of train ticket between two cities when project complete: estimates have varied, up to $123, with promise of less than airplane ticket.

    Estimated cost of a train ticket when idea was sold to voters in 2008: about $50

    How Brown traveled between the two cities Wednesday: by airplane

    Cost of a one-way Southwest Airlines ticket from LAX to SFO Wednesday if purchased Wednesday: $140

    Same Wednesday ticket if purchased Tuesday: $80

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