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Californians, Have You Voted Yet?



    Think there's still nearly four weeks until the election? You think wrong. Election Day may be Nov. 6, but elections in California no longer take a day. They take a month.

    Voting began this week, on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

    You didn't know that? Well, a majority of Californians now vote by mail. And vote-by-mail balloting began Tuesday. Counties have begun mailing out ballots, and voters who wish to vote by mail can request ballots.

    Among those voting by mail this time will be your lead blogger, who will be in Columbus, Ohio, on Election Day.

    If you're confused about how to vote, it's worth getting some advice from the California Voter Foundation and its president, Kim Alexander. She explains the many particulars of early voting here.

    Of course, while it's nice to have early voting available, few voters are taking advantage of it in these early days. KPCC reports that just 75 people showed up to cast their ballots in Orange County on Tuesday.

    But that could change. After all, it's still early. Literally.

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