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Iowa: First State With Digital Driver's License



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    Iowa Department of Transportation

    Iowans will soon be able to use a digital driver's license issued by the state's Department of Transportation, according to reports.

    The state agency is working on a smartphone application that will be given to drivers in 2015, the Des Moines Register reported.

    "We are really moving forward on this," said Paul Trombino, director of the state's transportation agency on Monday. "The way things are going, we may be the first in the nation."

    The traditional license will still be used, but the new app will be considered an added value, and one accepted by police and Transportation Security Administration agents at airports in Iowa. "It is basically your license on your phone," Trombino promised.

    Trombino and other agency employees have been testing out the prototype for the last six months.

    The new app is supposed to be secure and users will have a PIN number to protect their identity. Already, Iowa allows drivers to show electronic proof of insurance, along with more than 30 other states, so adding an electronic license to the mix makes sense.