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Google's Santa Tracker is On Its Way

Google goes it alone as NORAD partners with rival search engine Bing



    Google isn't a search engine to sit around and mope. Despite its relationship with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) tracking Santa via Google Maps and Google Earth since 2007, this year NORAD decided to go with rival search engine Bing instead. 

    But Google didn't pout and it didn't cry.

    Instead, Google decided to go it alone and create its own Santa Tracker perhaps in a bid to crush NORAD's own website and app.

    The Google site also has many more Easter eggs, interactivity and games  to make NORAD's website look amateurish. Because apparently in the tech world, getting dumped as a Santa tracker partner is a serious insult, especially if the new partner is a direct competitor.

    So perhaps your only course of action would be to spend millions to create a better version to gain more eyeballs and followers.

    The new Google Santa Tracker allows people to send messages or phone calls from Santa. We're wondering if  the "development elves" that Brian McClendon, vice president of Google Maps and Google Earth, wrote about on the Official Google Blog are helping out with this.

    One can't really blame NORAD if it wants to date other search engines. NORAD's been tracking Santa Claus on Christmas Eve since 1955, according to its site, and it's only spent the last five years in a partnership  with Google.