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Google Coming Out With Credit Card



    Google is working on a Google Wallet credit card for use when its tap-and-pay feature isn't available.

    While it may seem a bit 2002, the credit card idea still has legs. Screenshots from the new Google Wallet service tells of using a credit card that can also be used to redeem special offers, CNET reported. The credit card also allows users to transfer cash from person to person, add and withdraw money and also use it on public transit.

    The original Google Wallet on Android smartphones uses near-field communication (NFC) technology to communicate with retailers  -- or also known as tap-and-pay. Unfortunately for Google Wallet, it faces some stiff competition. PayPal, Square and other companies are also trying to create a virtual wallet.

     It's odd that a virtual wallet app is creating a physical credit card -- so much so, that we're not that sure we believe the screenshots. Of course, it could have been a mock-up idea that was never meant to be realized. Either way, we hope that Google Wallet comes up with better features than a physical credit card.