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"Bad Piggies" Malware Infects 80,000 Google Chrome Users



    More than 80,000 Google Chrome users have been infected by malware when they tried to install fake versions of Rovio's Bad Piggies in the Google Chrome Web Store, according to a recent report.

    "Bad Piggies" is Rovio's new game; Rovio is the creator of Angry Birds.

    It turns out that downloading the game, and mistakenly installing the fake version found right in the Google Chrome Web Store, shows plug-in ads for several popular websites -- which is annoying and can affect computer performance, but is not necessarily dangerous.

    When Press:Here looked at the Chrome store on Tuesday morning, it was still available from Playook.info.

    "Seven of these plugins are from the same source www.playook.info, a maker of 'free' flash games. A quick glance at the ...records for playook.info tells us... nothing," Jason Ding, a research scientist at Barracuda Networks wrote on the company blog.  "What's more, installing these 7 plug-ins request a significant permissions: 'access your data on all websites'."
    More dangerous is giving an app permission to "access your data on all websites," which puts you at risk of having personal information stolen, such as emails or credit card information stored on those sites. The only way to deal with this problem is by uninstalling the app immediately and changing all your passwords.
    Essentially, the takeaway here is don't install free versions of games from unknown developers. That should be common sense, but this post shows that it's often not used.