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Snapchat Poaches New COO From Instagram



    Emily White, Facebook's choice to handle Instagram's business operations, is now leaving the company to become the chief operating officer for an upstart rival.

    White is leaving the company to head business operations for Snapchat, an ephemeral photo-sharing app, that Facebook recently tried to buy for $3 billion, according to AllThingsD. Facebook's offer was declined, and now it seems that White, its hand-picked executive to handle ads for photo-sharing app Instagram, is now leaving to join the startup. Snapchat is expected to garner millions in its next round of funding, despite the fact that it has made no money and has no real plan in place to create it.

    Perhaps that's where White will appear and save Snapchat's advertising bacon? Despite White's background, ads on Instagram are still relatively new and the jury's still out on whether or not its users are bothered by their placement enough to leave Instagram for something else such as Snapchat or Whatsapp. Its seems to us that she's leaving just as Facebook and the world will decide on whether or not her efforts were successful at Instagram.

    “It happened really quickly, but to have an actual COO role in one of many companies that is disrupting the communications arena is one I could not pass up,” White told AllThingsD.