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Attracting Millennials Back to the Ballpark With Mobile Ticketing



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    Many professional sports teams, including the Oakland Raiders, don't take electronic tickets. Gametime, a mobile app that sells last-minute game tickets, hopes to change that.

    "I guess it depends on how much you want the 18- to 35-year-old demographic," Brad Griffith, chief executive of Gametime, told Press:Here. He estimates about 30 percent of NFL teams will only deal in paper tickets, but the rate is only about 10 percent in other sports. "It's harder as a larger organization to innovate like a smaller organization," he said.

    Other sports leagues, such as Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer have embraced the app.

    Gametime, which operates solely through a mobile device, sells users last-minute tickets they can use electronically at the event. The last-minute aspect of buying the tickets can also mean they will be low-cost or at a discount.

    "Now with the shift to mobile, we feel that there’s room and a need for a completely mobile service," Griffith said. "One of the advantages we have is, like, speed and execution."