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Apple Badmouths Samsung's Galaxy S4 Launch



    Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller said that no matter what Samsung launches on Thursday afternoon, it will be a pale imitation of the iPhone .

    Schiller spent Wednesday giving interviews about how Android was fragmented and known for being a "free replacement" for feature phones, according to the Wall Street Journal. He also said that companies manufacturing Android phones are inferior to its superior iPhone 5. 

    The interviews appeared to be little more than iPhone propaganda just a day before Samsung was launching its Galaxy S4 in New York City Thursday. Schiller highlighted data that Android users switched to iPhones four times as much than to another Android phone. He cited that Android users were tired of running old operating systems that weren't updated and intimated that an iPhone was an upscale model. "The (Android) experience isn't as good as an iPhone," he told the WSJ.
    Neither Google nor Samsung commented on Schiller's remarks.
    Apple's bravado comes at a time when 70 percent of global smartphone shipments in 2012 were Android phones. The iPhone was 19 percent, according to IDC. Android tablets are also expected to surpass Apple's iPads this year.
    "There's going to be an incredible amount of pressure on Apple once the Galaxy S4 is out," Van Baker, an analyst at research firm Gartner told the WSJ. "The Galaxy S3 is already a very strong offering, and the S4 will obviously offer more things that appeal to users."
    If anything, we think Samsung should take the news that Apple is trying to badmouth its launch as a good sign. It means that Apple is a bit scared of Samsung and its ability to recreate its product with each new launch. Apple believes it has achieved perfection with the iPhone and simply must update it accordingly, while Samsung completely redesigns its offerings to appeal to the largest amount of people. Eventually that means that Samsung's innovation and design could eclipse the iPhone.