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Watch List: Teen Mom's Southland Idol



    "American Idol"

    "American Idol" kicks off its ninth season with Posh herself, Victoria Beckham, filling Paula Abdul's vacant gaze seat as the judges' panel arrives in Boston. Without Paula's trained seal claps, some of the "Idol" fun might be lost, but there's still time to enjoy Simon Cowell verbally massacring deluded hopefuls. And isn't that the best part of the show anyway?

    Fox at 8pm


    Cancelled on NBC, TNT salvaged and resuscitated these gritty tales of the LAPD. With new episodes in the can, tonight TNT begins by airing the pilot, without commercial interruption and with several additional minutes of footage, to get audiences prepared for six previously unseen episodes that NBC was ready to toss along with a new season. This means we'll finally get to find out if Detective Russell Clarke (Tom Everett Scott) who was shot point-blank and left staring blankly into the camera in the final scene of the final episode of the first season, lives or dies. 

    TNT at 10pm

    "Teen Mom"

    Who needs abstinence talks and contraception when MTV has the best anti-teen sex campaign on earth airing tonight? What began in their brilliant series "Sixteen and Pregnant" continues in all the harrowing detail you can stomach on "Teen Mom." This week, sweet, lovely Catelynn learns the father of Tyler, her boyfriend and step-brother (it's complicated, but surprisingly heartwarming), is going back to prison, Maci and Ryan continue their struggle to make it work (ain’t gonna happen) and, with any luck, someone slaps some sense into devout narcissist Farrah who’d rather go to clubs and pizza parlors than take care of her daughter.

    MTV at 10pm