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Watch List - 1/20: Is More "Idol" Boob Boxing Too Much to Ask For?



    "Human Target"

    The show established a pattern in its sneak peek episode: protagonist Christopher Chance avoided a poisoning attempt on a high speed train before jumping off with a beautiful woman, naturally. Tonight, Fox's new action-vehicle takes its action sequence onto an airplane. Makes for tougher jumping.

    "American Idol"

    Last night a Chicago contestant introduced the judges to "boob boxing."  But even following that, "Orlando was strange," Randy Jackson said at a recent press conference. Perhaps he was referring to guest judge Kristen Chenoweth, who is fantastically out there as well as supremely talented. The show is bringing out the devil in the guest judges. Last night. the usually above-it-all Shania Twain was practically drooling over one of the male contestants as she started working her way over his great body parts.

    "Modern Family"

    "Glee" stole all the newbie thunder at the Golden Globes, but the comedy momentum continues on "Family" with what looks to be a classic cameo by movie tough-guy Chazz Palminteri. He plays Shorty, one of Jay's best friends. Conflict ensues when Mitchell, who would know these things, becomes convinced the salt-of-the-earth Shorty is gay. Wiseguys don't look too kindly on these sort of accusations. We are in the midst of the Golden Age of Television Cameos Against Type and this is a likely inductee.