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Tuesday Watch List: Leno’s Last Stand



    Welcome to your Tuesday Watch List, where we find five shows on this evening that may be worth you turning away from your radio to hear about when a stupid snowplow is finally going to come by your grandma’s road and finally free her from the dark, frigid, and powerless home she now resides in. Off we go:


    This is Leno’s final show at 10PM. He’ll return to the Tonight Show at 11:30 starting March 1, after the Olympics are over. Leno’s final guests will be Ashton Kutcher and Bob Costas. After that, it’s back to his old stomping grounds, replete with a desk! Oh, how I bet Jay missed having a desk. It protects you from having people see your knees, and from any fires set by Bobcat Goldthwait. ANTICIPATION: HIGH IF DAVE SHOWS UP TO RETURN THE FAVOR

    LOST - 9PM (ABC)

    This episode is titled “What Kate Did.” What did she do? WHAT?! Did she set the Dharma Initiative in motion? Did she open the hatch? Is she the Smoke Monster? IS SHE REALLY A GHOST? Again, so many questions. I’ll tell you one thing Kate will do in this episode: Look pretty good for a lady who hasn’t showered in years. You talk about good tousling. ANTICIPATION: DEPENDS ON WHAT KATE DOES


    Watch as your favorite stars from the film pop up 30 years later to depress the Hell out of you. You know who still looks amazing? Dean Wormer’s wife. She’s still smoking hot. ANTICIPATION: TOGA!!!!!!!!

    TEEN MOM - 8:30PM (MTV)

    Few people realize that, from time to time, MTV will bust out their “True Life” series and this series and show you very real and affecting portraits of young people struggling with issues like divorce, addiction, and anger management. It’s powerful stuff, and it gets far less notice than the likes of “Jersey Shore.” And that’s because no one watches it. So don’t get mad at MTV for “Jersey Shore.” You people only have yourselves to blame! ANTICIPATION: NO JERSEY SKANKS? WELL, I BID YOU GOOD DAY!


    Someone will pull a “Raising Arizona” on this family at some point. Because really, if you have 19 kids and one goes missing, would you really be able to tell? I say little Nathan Arizona Duggar is ripe for the taking.