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Russell Brand Needs Minder in "Get Him to the Greek"



    Russell Brand was back to his outrageous self this Grammy weekend, promising a naked wedding with girlfriend Katy Perry.

    This is just a taste of what we'll see onscreen this June in his film "Get Him to the Greek."

    The "Greek" will be a spin-off of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" with Brand reprising his role as the insane British rocker Aldous Snow. Jonah Hill plays the record company intern tasked with flying to England with the sole mission of getting the flaky Snow onto LA's Greek Theater stage for the beginning of an expensive rock tour.

    Brand told Popcorn Biz that it was "a real laugh" filming the flick with a slew of industry stars ranging from Perry to Pink to Dee Snider (that will be worth the price of admission). But even among music luminaries, Brand said we should keep an eye on Sean "Diddy" Combs as an angered record company exec.

    "This movie is going to change people's perception of him, no question," Brand tells us. "Diddy is amazing to work with and very funny."

    Fair enough. But Brand is what has us excited about "The Greek" as he pays his dues to the time-honored tradition of British bad boys needing babysitting -- much like Peter O'Toole in the classic 'My Favorite Year." Brand has the true wild gleam in his eye to pull this off, if the rest of the crew can just keep up.