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Rufus Sewell, Paul Bettany Joining Depp and Jolie for "The Tourist"



    "The Tourist" has added two new major cast members, Paul Bettany and Rufus Sewell, despite already being weeks into shooting.

    The film stars Johnny Depp as an American traveling across Europe trying to mend a broken heart and getting caught up in the hunt for an international criminal being led by Angelina Jolie's Interpol. 

    With his black hair and sad, deep-set eyes, Sewell is sure to be cast once again as some nefarious evildoer. It's a role he's very good at, but he's capable of much, much more as his Broadway turn in Tom Stoppard's "Rock 'n' Roll" proved.

    Bettany, for his part, is the very definition of affable English fellow, but he's spent much of his time fighting vampires and demons lately, so who knows what he'll be up to.

    Maybe they'll each be cast against type -- In any event, they're both very good actors.

    Florian Henckel von Donnersmarc, director of "The Lives of Others," which won Best Foreign Film at the 2007 Oscars," is behind the camera, working with a script from Christopher McQuarrie ("The Usual Suspects") and Julian Fellows ("Gosford Park").

    Pics of Angelina Jolie on the set of "The Tourist" in Paris first appeared in late February, while photos of Johnny Depp on the set in Venice popped up two weeks later


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