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Plate-Ready Oscar Finally Makes a Name for Itself



    Never again will a nameless Oscar be held up in victory during a raucous post-award celebration.

    For the first time, the Academy has agreed to make it personal -- attaching the winning nameplate to the trophy base immediately after the big award moment.

    “An Oscar statuette just isn’t complete until a nameplate is attached,” said Academy President Tom Sherak in a press release.
    It's a good thing. And with sports leagues carving the name into trophies while the folks are still on the field, it's about time the Oscars followed suit.

    In preparation for the night, the Academy will create 197 nameplates, one for each 2009 nominee in every category. The engraving will include the nominee’s name, category, film title and year.

    So when the Best Director is announced, her, er, I mean their, nameplate is ready and attached.

    Previously, Academy Award winners were asked to bring their Oscars to the Academy in the weeks following the ceremony, at which time the nameplates were affixed.

    With many more Oscar non-winners than winners, there is always going to be extra name plates . These will not end up on eBay. They will be recycled and become the name plates of Oscar's future.