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Farmiga and Monaghan Crack "Source Code"



    Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga have joined the sci-fi terror flick "Source Code," starring Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by "Moon" man Duncan Jones.

    Gyllenhaal plays Colter, a soldier who awakens in the body of a commuter who is on a train that is blown up, reliving the tragedy until he can prevent it. Monaghan plays his love interest and Farmiga is in the Sigourney Weaver role of controlling Gyllenhaal as he spans space and time.

    While Farmiga is a hot property off her turn in "Up in the Air" and Monaghan is in the anticipated "Due Date," Gyllenhaal sure could use a hit and "Prince of Persia" does not look promising.

    Despite the anemic performance of "Moon" at the box office, Jones behind the camera is a reason to believe this is a project to keep an eye on. Sounds like "Avatar" crossed with "Groundhog Day." This could go either way.