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"Jersey Shore" Cast Pumped Up For Next Season



    It had all the surprise of Taylor Swift taking home a Grammy. But the weekend news that MTV has picked up a second season of "Jersey Shore" has the cast in a suntan-inspired lather.

    "The situation is, we're all in agreement," Mike 'The Situation" Sorrentino told the "Today Show" Monday morning. "We're all pretty excited."

    MTV made the official announcement on Friday. The weekend also showed just how big the reality show has become in the pop and Hollywood community. Backstage at the Grammy awards, "Jersey Shore" stars Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Sorrentino caused some of the biggest buzz as they moonlighted as television commentators. Snooki was the red carpet correspondent for MTV.

    The show has its strong critics who feel the portrayal of Italian-Americans is offensive. But it achieves what a reality show is meant to achieve -- showing the reality of another existence. In this case it is to show a bunch of outrageous 20-somethings enjoying summer in the Garden State. Though season two will be in a new, surprise location, according to the MTV release.

    Indeed, Pauly D (Delvecchio) attributed their success to the show's "raw" nature. As the Situation told "Today": "We're all just real people, and whatever you see on TV, you're gonna get [in real life]."