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Guy Ritchie's Next Movie Crusade: King Arthur's Round Table



    Guy Ritchie went from East End gangster obsession to clearly hell bent on taking on Britain's Greatest Hits.

    Next stop: King Arthur and the Round Table.

    Warner Brothers is launching a King Arthur project with Guy Ritchie helming and "Trainspotting" scribe John Hodge writing the script with Ritchie, reports.

    The project aims to be a re-imagining of the legend of Arthur, believed to have been a 6th century king who defended Britain against Saxon invaders. The key source material will be Thomas Mallory's "Le Morte d'Arthur," published in 1485 as a compilation of French and English tales with the usual slick Ritchie touches and no doubt a couple of slow-motion bone crunching scenes of armor-pummeling.

    Hopefully, the talented Hodge will keep the project on course unlike Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes" which was a saving Robert Downey Jr. performance away from being a insolvable murder-scene (even with its box-office success). Either way, as long as this keeps Ritchie from working on a sequel to the dreadful (and horrifyingly open-ended) "Rocknrolla," it's only a good thing.

    I suspect that somewhere soccer-hardman and Ritchie go-to thug Vinnie Jones is trying on a suit of armor and eyeing a very nervous horse.