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Gibson Heads Back To Lethal Form in "Cold Warrior"



    Mel Gibson, who is coming off of Hollywood's sidelines with a vengeance, is in talks to star in a spy thriller.

    After a break from the big screen following his very public 2006 arrest, Gibson has a movie out this weekend and a career's worth of projects in the hopper including Universal Pictures' "Cold Warrior," reports. The project would put Gibson back together with Shane Black, the "Lethal Weapon" screenwriter whose collaboration was so wildly successful for Gibson.

    The "Warrior" premise is pure Hollywood and solid footing for Gibson. In the "Lethal" series, Gibson was always the young hothead and Danny Glover was the cop trying to retire. This time Gibson is a retired Cold War era spy brought back to work with a younger agent to tackle a Russian domestic terrorism threat. It will be interesting to see whether Gibson is going to be the one still breaking the rules, despite being on the other end of the retirement spectrum.

    Gibson's return to screen acting in "Edge of Darkness" opens Friday and he has completed production on "Beaver" with Jodie Foster. In March, Gibson will start shooting his indie "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" -- about an American in a Mexican jail -- and then move onto "Cold Warrior" in June.

    Will all of this Gibson still has plans to direct Leonardo DiCaprio in his dream project -- a realistic Viking movie.